Thanksgiving is personally my favorite holiday.  I love eating all the delicious food and spending time with my whole family.  Fall is my favorite time of year because of the weather and its hunting season.  Plus, we always get a few days off of school and that’s always nice too.  Can’t wait to fill my plate.  I got this picture from Kristie Moser  on creative commons under a attribution 2.0..




Hunting education is very important to me.  I think anyone who intends to learn how to hunt should practice hunter safety very well. It should always be the #1 priority in the field.  Hunter education is a very easy, short class that is completely free. You have to take it to hunt and it is a must.  Safety first!  This picture is from Creative Commons from Michael Vadon under a

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is very fun but challenging.  I recommend going with someone who is good at it so your first experience isn’t your last.  It is something that many people do every year.  Wild Duck meat is very good and often considered better than chicken.  It is considered a delicacy in a lot of places and it high in price.  So, hunting them is an ethical way to get fresh, clean, healthy duck meat and all while enjoying the outdoors.  This weekend is the duck season opener, very similar to the deer season opener.3785913081_82555708e3_qI got this post on flicker from reloy1970 and he has a creative commons 2.0 CC.

Opening Day of hunting season

Opening Day has finally come.  The morning all hunter wait for all year has rolled around this year.  It is debatably the best time of year to go out and it has the most potential because no one has been out yet.  Although it can be quite chaotic, it is usually the best climate and experience for youth because of the conditions.  Deer this time of year have not been spooked too much and they are less timid, allowing better observation of the deer. This day is typically when the traditional annual hunter goes out and try to get one if any, so it is often crowded.


I got this image from U.S Forest Service- Pacific Northwest region and they have a public domain mark 1.0 Creative Commons license.


Youth Hunts ROCK

With technology advancing and today’s era, not as many kids are getting out to hunt anymore.  I think everyone should experience hunting at least once, and its a great way to get the kids outdoors and enjoy the time with them.  Some may not agree with that, and that’s okay.  Even if you don’t plan to actually harvest an animal it’s still one of the wildest experiences to go and soak up the wildlife around you.  It doesn’t have to be anything special, just get them out, this generation needs it.

Screenshot 2018-09-18 at 3.06.16 PM.png

“Hunting at Fort Hunter Liggett” by Bob n Renee is shared under an Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0) 

Is hunting deer bad?

People have been hunting deer and other animals for ages.  I personally think that people that like to eat deer or need to put food on the table should hunt deer.  I think that anyone who goes out to just kill a deer or do it to get one mounted on the wall above the fireplace is wrong.  I think that killing an animal for no reason is very pointless and should not be considered hunting nor should it be allowed.